Monday, August 20, 2012

School Garden Bounty!

One of the challenges with a school garden is what happens during the summer months.  At many of our schools, this means teachers come in to take care of things during the summer months and many times they try to enlist the help of students and parents.  At Glacier Park last week they had a work day in the garden.  One of the students who worked that day wrote a few words to share her experience.     

Today on August 8th, my mom, sister and I went to the school garden.  Mrs. Haws and  Mrs. Davidson helped pick food for the Maple Valley Food Bank.  We picked kohlrabi, string beans, read and white onions, cabbage, and potatoes.  We also pulled weeds.   It was a really hot day, so we watered the plants.  We took the food to the Maple Valley Food Bank; the food weighed 35 pounds.

Thanks to Green Team Leader Cathy Haws and student, Maya C. for this post!