Thursday, June 14, 2012

THS Students Bring Sustainability Lessons to RCES

The seniors at THS got to apply their knowledge of sustainability by designing and planning a lesson that would engage our elementary students in a cross-age teaching experience that was fun for seniors and elementary students alike!

Seniors worked in teams to create a lesson focusing on one aspect of sustainability – everything from protecting coral reefs to water quality to living sustainably through growing a vegetable garden and using energy-efficient and energy-saving products around students’ homes.  When the seniors got to the classroom they setup stations and the elementary kids rotated through each lesson.

“I think this is a really impactful experience for seniors,” Lydia, a THS senior, said. “We’re going to be going out into the real world, we need to think about how we will be using this.”

THS senior, Lydia, teaches RCES 4th graders about products they can use to reduce energy usage at home. 

RCES 4th graders learn about endangered coral reefs and paint their own reefs, ‘back to life.

Gabe, a RCES 4th grader takes a break from painting his reef to smile for the camera!

The cross-age teaching experience is a great chance for students of different ages to interact and learn from each other! 

Those seniors are tall!

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