Saturday, October 27, 2012

Storm Water Management

BEFORE - Not an Effective Retention Pond

Glacier Park was designed and built with a retention pond to the east of the building behind the portables.  This area is a critical part of the surface water drainage system.  There are underground drains that spill into that area from the parking lot, portables, and other areas of the campus.  When it was inspected by the City this summer we received notice that it needed to be restored to proper standards, which means it needs to be a clear and functional pond.  Since it was not maintained for a number of years due to a misunderstanding of whether this was a school or city responsibility,  the area grew into a rather wild and wooded area.  

P and D Tree Service removed the trees and then a second company came and pulled out the tree stumps and hauled debris  and smoothed the base of the pond with proper fill materials.   The major change in the appearance has given rise to questions and concerns from some of the neighbors and many children who were concerned that we were cutting down trees.  
AFTER - Much More Water Retention Capacity

The retention pond was designed to collect and hold storm water runoff from the impervious surfaces around the school.   The water infiltrates or soaks into the ground slowly to disperse surface water runoff which prevents erosion and flooding, cleans and filter toxins from the water.  This morning after the rain we noticed that the water is starting to collect in the pond.  This project has been a great “real-world” opportunity to talk about storm water, pollution, and management of natural resources.

Post by Cathy Haws - GPES Green Team Leader

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