Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TMS Green Team Gets to Work!

Our Green Team is in action! We've gotten the team together and we're ready to get moving at Tahoma Middle School. So far, we've chosen a t-shirt design, started a school vegetable garden, and we are in the process getting a PowerPoint to help advertise our club into motion. We're getting a great start in kicking off the year and plan to have a big impact. We're very excited about the garden, so the students at our school can have fresh vegetables to eat with their lunch. The PowerPoint will bring attention to the Green Team and maybe even get some sixth graders to join the cause. We all share the planet we live on, so we must take care of it!

Thanks to Green Team Leader Jenessa W. for this post!

Green Teams at TMS
  • Compost Team
  • Education Team
  • Garden Team
  • Recycling Team
  • Yearbook Team

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