Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TJHS - Recycle Challenge!

To start off the new school year, TJH Green Team has teamed up with Terracycle to help reduce waste as well as raise money for the school. The Junior High has started collecting and recycling cell phones, Capri-suns, and shoes. The team has a collection box for Cell Phones in the main office, Capri Suns in the commons and pairs of shoes outside of the security office.   We are happy to take donations from our community, especially cell phones!  Please stop by the school to drop off your donations!

Thanks to the helpful students and staff of TJH, Green Team just mailed in 32 cell phones that will be kept out of the waste stream!  The team will start collecting pairs of shoes in December and start a classroom challenge after the start of the New Year. The Green Team thanks Megan C. (Secretary) Alyssa T. (Treasurer) Isobel S. (Vice President) and Kathryn O. (President) and most importantly, Ms. McHenry! 

Way to go bears!


Thanks to Megan C., Green Team Leader for this post!

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