Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stormwater Research Trip

It was the perfect rainy day to study what was happening
with stormwater in each of the actual research spaces.
Here students go to look at what is happening as the stormwater
travels through the layers of the soil and which
pollutants are removed through filtration.

Last week some of our student Green Team Leaders had the opportunity for a day of learning at the WSU Stormwater Research Center in Puyallup.  We had a great day with students from elementary, middle, junior high and high school!  Here is a post from one of our middle school students.

Learning about stormwater was a great experience and I want to teach and inspire other kids at my school about how important stormwater is and what you can do to solve storm water problems. Our mission is to reduce impacts of stormwater on streams, lakes, wetlands, and coastal areas through effective research-based application of green stormwater infrastructure. Stormwater is water that runs off roofs and roads that can affect how rivers and streams look and the life in them. Some ways to prevent stormwater is to have a green roof to soak up water, a rain water collecting system, having multiple rain gardens, and having permeable concrete so there is no standing water that can flow and flood rivers and lakes that have living organisms in them. Stormwater is a big issue in the world we just need to have solutions to prevent it and a team that can inspire others and work together to understand the science if stormwater.”

Thanks so much to Brody for this Post!

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