Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More details on the Green Globe Award

Example of the Up-Cycled Products - 3 ring binder
pencil holders that are made from recycled chip bags

Points earned from the award can be turned in for products like these.   
Congratulations again to Liz White's class at Shadow Lake Elementary and their impressive work with the Green Globe Awards.

The team received official notification of their award today.  As the Green Globe winner for BOTH the Engaging Your Community and What Makes Your Location Unique Categories the students will be receiving a unique, upcycled TerraCycle Green Globe and 100,000 TerraCycle points.  Additionally, although you were the only submission for How You Hosted an Event, TerraCycle will be rewarding them with the Green Globe and the 50,000 points since the students put so much effort into all their videos.

So the SLES students will be rewarded with THREE Green Globes and 150,000 bonus TerraCycle points! Congratulations!  In a direct quote from TerraCycle "That is quite an impressive accomplishment."

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