Thursday, July 12, 2012

Camp Snowball Day 3!

Today the team started right off in our core modules. Today in "Greening Your School, Home and Community," we dove deeper into where our electricity actually comes from and we compared renewable vs. non-renewable resources. In the United States, we get our electricity through a flawed system known as "The grid", where the 
Facilities and lines criss-cross and connect inefficiently across the country. Having individual neighborhoods develop their own power through renewable resources would be much more sufficient. Not only that, but if there was a power outage, not everyone would be at a loss. 
Going back to comparing renewable vs. non-renewable resources, some examples of renewable would be wind mills, hydroelectric plants, geothermal energy, and solar energy.  While some examples of non-renewable energy would be nuclear energy, natural gas, petroleum, and many more that we need to use less of in the U.S. Places like Denmark are committed to becoming 50% renewable, and have committed to becoming 100% renewable by the year 2015. 
But the learning didn't stop there, we also learned about a program called the "Power Down project" from Massachusetts, which was a student led program where they encouraged staff members to not turn on all of their lights at a time, open their windows, and shut down and unplug all of their devices while gone for the weekend or school breaks and are not being used. Mrs. Nance and all of the student leaders gained many ideas from this program and hope to bring them back and maybe implement them into our district. 
Overall, the day was very insightful and all of the student leaders continued to make connections with all of the other students at the camp from around the country and I look forward to attending my core module again tomorrow. 

Post by Green Team Student Leader, Kathryn

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