Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hidden Energy Use

My eyes were opened to a new door in sustainability. We never think of the subtle uses of energy or the more hidden truths behind our unsustainable energy derivations. I learned about vampire appliances, but honestly where does the energy come from. I have heard that we need to conserve it, but how much do we really have? The resource that we consume the most is petroleum, but it is primarily used for transportation; what do we power our school with? The average American school burns coal for power. Coal releases so many pollutants, but it is so abundant thus making it very cheap that people are too reluctant to abandon the use of coal. I also learned that the way America gets power is unsustainable, the way we arrange grids are so redundant it is pointless, and we have large power plants based of finite resources, but very few local, renewable power plants. Although we might not be able to rearrange grids, we could try to purchase or implement more green power. The ideas and solutions are so plentiful, that any problem can be solved. I am focusing on thinking positive because sustainability can be made a reality.

Post by Green Team Student Leader, Jayaram

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