Friday, July 26, 2013

A trip to the Zoo

I chose to explore the Greensboro Science Center for the learning journey. The zoo had many animals that we got to see up close such as this stunning tiger. There was a team of college students experimenting with a monkey to train him to play target-and-match, see picture attached. It is fascinating to learn about animal cognition and their capabilities. Sometimes I wonder if they understand how much humans are damaging our co-inhabited planet.

Most of the species in the aquarium and zoo are endangered. Animals are caged in this zoo or confined to a tank in the aquarium, but it is sad to think that they are probably doing better in the tank or cage than in their natural habitats as a result of our unsustainable actions. I know that coming to this camp always broadens my ways of thinking and adds confidence in my mission to take and encourage sustainable action.

Post by Student Leader Jayaram

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