Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Experience of a Lifetime! (so far...)

Panel Discussion
Today I was able to have a true experience of a lifetime. I participated in a panel with Peter Senge, in which I got to speak with teachers and fellow students. I was amazed at the dedication that both the teachers and the students showed as the conversation went on. The personal stories that people shared were relatable, and I was able to connect to the feelings expressed at the panel on a personal level. I came to the realization that we all have the same idea of wanting to make a change, and that we all want to take the steps through system thinking to accomplish complex situations. Complex situations often seem impossible to solve, but talking about the approach to solve these situations, connecting students and teachers, is ultimately the most inspiring thing that occurred to me tonight. The panel gave me the chance to recap the idea that both students and staff work exceptionally hard to achieve greatness for each other. I believe that once we realize that, collaboration and associations with each other absolutely creates a solid foundation to teach future generations to come about how to prepare for the world we live in today. The education system often undergoes multiple changes, some better than others. Regardless, we learn as we experience different teaching methods and curriculum. Nothing will ever be perfected, but by the work that we have been doing at Camp Snowball the past 5 years, it makes a great difference to those who choose to make a change. In the picture given here, there is myself seated with the members of the panel. It was an honor to be seated with these people tonight, and I learned about the true connection we all share with our passion for the future and what we want to accomplish in our communities.

Post by Student Leader, Kylin

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