Friday, July 26, 2013

Nanotech is Astounding

 Today, I had the privilege of visiting the Nanotech center for Wake Forest University. In the center, it was fascinating to learn about the technology of the future based on the chemistry practices we currently already know. There were many demonstrations of nano technology given, such as a “bubble” that could potentially be used to be injected into cancer patients to connect to the cancer cells and over heat them as well. These bubbles were developed through nano technology, manipulating the structure of atoms, and should be expected to finalize and fully develop within the next twenty years, eliminating the factor of harmful side effects that cancer treatment usually brings. There were also other useful technologic developments, such as lightweight lights that can be completely two dimensional, creating energy conservation and a brighter light projected as well. Surprisingly, these two very different future concepts were started the same way! Through a very specific microscope to examine, change and align molecular structure to design an all new structure to behave differently than traditional molecular structures. Based on the alignment created, this can determine how the newly developed nano technology will function. In the picture below, this microscope is one of those molecular microscopes that can create new nano technology. Estimated cost of this microscope is around 3 million dollars, and is often used very meticulously. I was astounded to see such a large, complex microscope, yet at the same time I wanted to know everything about it!  It was quite a bit of information to process, but after getting my questions of future impact answered, I understand that these new developments will be more sustainable in energy conservation, saving money, and ultimately progressing and revolutionizing humanity and the physical issues that we deal with, the concrete global issues, the most important things in our world.

Post by Student Leader Kylin

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