Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's the Little Things!

Today was day two of our core module classes. Today during that class we self directed our learning by creating our very own lesson to teach to the adults in the class. While reviewing the lesson we chose to teach with the leader of our class, Kylin was playing with a ladybug she found at the table we were sitting at. I was watching the ladybug as it crawled through Kylin's fingers I had the greatest 'Ah ha' moment I think I have ever experienced. I realized that if we are going to care for nature at all, we need to care for the little things too, not just the big things that seem more important. Sometimes the little things that we don't see are the most life threatening. We need to care for all of nature or it doesn't even matter if we do anything at all.

Post by Student Leader Megan

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