Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tahoma Gets Started at Snowball

After a long day of traveling the night before, the Tahoma team conducted a Sustainability ambassador student meeting led by Kim McHenry! During this meeting, we not only discussed our hopes and plans for the following year in Tahoma School District. We also talked about what struggles we were facing at our individual schools and soon found places where these struggles overlapped. And this new found communication between the students of the Green Teams across the district helped us better develop solutions to these problems by taking past experiences and applying them to new situations from each other. The meeting as a whole was ground breaking and we discussed many possible strategies to apply once arriving back in Washington.

Jayaram sharing during the opening program
But that's not all. Later on in the day, us students met up with Dawn Wakeley to discuss and plan for our Student Network Meeting. In previous years at Camp Snowball, we have only had mild success in connecting with other students from camp after the 5 day trip is over. But this year we hope to connect with the other students all year long through the use of technology in order to allow us to gather new ideas from across the country while also sharing our work with them. At this meeting each attending student will share the work that they are doing, and learn what others are working on as well.

Post by Student Leader, Kathryn

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