Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An Important Snowball Idea!

Today at Camp Snowball, we started off the day with a grand opening session at which everyone at camp attended. Right away I noticed a reoccurring theme that would come to appear a multitude of times though out the day as well. And that is, "The Snowball Effect". The Snowball Effect is basically the idea of a small action or goal that is in the works to start off, growing into a much larger one over time. The entire idea centers around scaling the idea, it's exponential growth, growth over time, and then sustaining that momentum of growth as it goes on. 

In fact, our very own student Jayaram spoke on a panel at the opening session. He spoke about what he has seen and would like to see "snowball" in Tahoma School District. He spoke first about our commitment to composting and recycling in all our schools already, and then moved into our recent launch of the Waste Free Wednesdays program across the district. Something he would like to see continue to snowball is the improvement and growth of support towards our Waste Free Wednesdays program throughout the year.

Personally, something I would like to see Snowball in Tahoma school district is eliminating the negative connotation associated with our Green Teams. Our club is not about being a "tree hugger" as some would call it. It is about helping students build sustainable habits for themselves to use for the rest of their lives, while also working towards modifying our community to better benefit the environment in any way we can. If students came to understand how important and interesting our work is, then we would be likely to have more support. And our plan to eliminate this negative image is first to enlist the help of drama, film making and art students from our very own schools. Sometimes public speaking is not everyone's strong suit, but students should know that there are different ways that they can help us with our club, that could actually be of their interest. For example, we would love to have our extremely talented art students create artwork to promote our club. Or have our articulate drama students act in a video to educate our student body. Overall, my day was very insightful and I now am excited to return to my core module tomorrow to further develop our plan to build this snowball.

Post by Student Leader, Kathryn

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