Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Checking in from Camp Snowball

It's actually the day before Camp starts and we are here early.  We were up and exploring the campus. We walked around the college, looking in stores, and a couple of us bought sweatshirts and other merchandise. Around mid-afternoon, we had a meeting with Ms. Wakeley. We talked about what we could do for a meeting with all the rest of the students on Wednesday. We ended up deciding on and instagram hash tag where the kids from Camp Snowball tag 'whatssnowballing' and soon there will be a whole page of this tag. 

Jon, the mastermind behind most of all our ideas, came up with this one.  Soon we started seeing this tag on notification handouts we got at dinner that night. Our decision had gone 'viral' to the Snowball community. All of us Tahoma students were very proud of everyone else in our group. Thanks for making it such a great experience!   :)

Post by Student Leader, Megan

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