Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Snowball - A Look at What's to Come

Day 2- A Surreal Look of What's to Come:

WakeForest University
Today was the planning day for us Tahoma students, as the new campers arrived we sat in our air conditioned room building up a plan of action to connect and share ideas from one side of the world to another. It all started as a seed -- I guess you could call it -- of “how can we connect to those who weren't in our own backyard?” As we began to stir up some ideas slowly watering our seed the idea of using a social network came up, we discussed Facebook and Twitter but who likes to read all those posts anymore, not us! 

So, the idea of Instagram popped into my head, this is one of the newer social media sites that has been added to the internet circuit, but the difference is that it is all about posting pictures rather than writing a paragraph of nonsense that people never get around to exploring. Instagram opened up a whole new world of opportunities, so we decided to snowball off that idea, people would post pictures of projects they have completed or are in the process of completing and share their contact info in the caption to the picture so if people wanted more information to start that snowball in their community, they would be able to get it. The only flaw to this equation was that we needed a way to group all these posts and pictures together, and boom, the idea of creating a universal hashtag came into play. we mulled over a couple different ideas till the phrase came to us #WHATSSNOWBALLING. 

Instagram did the rest, it took all the pictures with that hashtag and grouped them into one separate document, all you needed to do was click the highlighted hashtag! This is a simple yet effective way to reach those around you, and the way you can get involved is just by downloading the app to your smartphone or logging on to registering online at instagram.com. So try it out or come join in the fun because it only takes one to get the snowball rolling!

Post by Student Leader, Jon C

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