Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What a Day!

Wow wow wow, just what a day. I definitely did not get any sleep but that didn’t stop me. (Or any other Tahomies for that matter.) The day started with breakfast of course, but then it was off to the opening and general session.  Opening session we watched this video on a group of students who created “the breakfast club” who did random acts of anonymous kindness for one another. I really found that touching. I think that is something simple that we could do as a school as well which I would just love.

At my core module we learned about innovating. We also had a guest speaker who talked about stem and having students innovate to make a better future. I think it would be incredible (and Dawn I know you thought this too!) if we could take problems in our community, state, country, or even the world and gave them opportunities to think with teams. Then they could create solutions. Not only is it hands on learning but it improves the world/community.  

General session in the afternoon was phenomenal too! I made some great teacher adult friends and got to share about my personal goal I want to snowball. All in all it was a phenomenal day!

Post by Student Leader, Savannah

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