Friday, July 26, 2013

Next Generation Research

A pretty fancy microscope! 
Today following our Core Modules, everyone at camp embarked on different Learning Journeys across the town of Winston Salem. While some of the Tahoma Team went to the Zoo or the Renolda Arts Center, Kylin and I ventured to the Nano Center. While there, we got a first hand look into the progression of multiple revolutionary inventions that could possibly be sold within the next 20 years. For example, we heard from a young physics major working on a project that would allow doctors to inject a "bubble" type substance with a heat generating chemical that could accurately be sent to the area of a cancerous tumor within the body, and then release the chemical to effectively burn up the cancer cells. The invention was even tested on a rat and within one day, the tumor had entirely dissipated. Overall the level of intelligence, patience and hard work that goes into the process of innovating these products is astounding and I am looking forward to seeing them benefit people world wide in the near future. 

Post from Student Leader Kathryn

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